Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance Baulkham Hills

Our garden maintenance service is an all in one service. We focus on the aesthetics of your garden, the health of your garden, trimming, hedging, edging, preventive services, and overall maintenance.

We start by evaluating the current state of your garden and choosing what we can do better for you. After executing our services, you’d get a weed-free, waste-free, trimmed, presentable, and attractive garden. Overall we ensure your garden is clean and remove any rubbish in the process. This service includes removing debris, raking leaves, fertilizing beds, edging beds, repairing/replacing plants, pruning, trimming, tree trimming, and mulching.

Even better, our garden maintenance improves the overall aesthetics of your garden. There’s improved aeration, moisture, and nutrient supply in your garden. This means your garden gets to look fresher and green.  Your garden can look better if you contact us today.

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